Our mission is to empower victims of human trafficking and bring their oppressors to justice through the tireless efforts of our highly skilled and dedicated teams.

We strive to make a tangible impact in the fight against human trafficking, saving lives and restoring freedom to the oppressed.


The Judges Rescue Task Force is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking and the rescue of victims of sex trafficking. We operate within the United States and internationally in coalition with law enforcement, charitable organizations, and other NGOs to see the rescue and restoration of victims of sex trafficking.

Team of Judges Rescue Task Force:

The Judges Rescue Task Force is made up of a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to ending human trafficking. This includes our Red Team, also known as our rescue operations team. The Red Team is composed of highly skilled and experienced individuals, including veterans, martial arts experts, and former special forces members.

Operations of Judges Rescue Task Force:

The Red Team is specially trained to handle the dangers and challenges of rescuing victims of trafficking in a variety of settings. They conduct reconnaissance and gather intelligence in high-risk environments such as hotels, homes, and streets to locate active victims and provide them with immediate rescue options.

The Red Team is an essential component of the Judges Rescue Task Force’s fight against human trafficking, utilizing their unique skills and expertise to save lives and bring traffickers to justice.

In Summary,

The Judges Rescue Task Force is a dedicated and powerful force in the fight against human trafficking. With a mission to prevent trafficking and rescue victims, a team of skilled and experienced individuals, and operations that utilize cutting-edge tactics and techniques, the Judges Rescue Task Force is working tirelessly to make the world a safer place for all.